Saturday, 30 March 2013

DIY Smog Block Off plates idea for Yamaha R1

Okay, so I was planning to mod the smog block off plates for the R1, by basically filling in the hose outlet with JB Weld. I don't feel like buying smog block off plates, since I have 1) pay 2) wait to get it and 3) eventhough they look pretty CNC machined and all, you don't see all that when it's  mounted on the engine since you never see the engine's head that's behind the fairing.

So, after removing the original smog plates, digging in a little deeper to see what's inside: just a dual membrane valve to let the air in. Behind the 2 valves is a little flame arrester I guess (a tiny grill), and then 2 holes going in the engine head.

So my idea was, instead of filling the smog plate to block off or buy closed off smog block of plates, why not just tap thread in the tiny hole, and screw a screw in with some loctite threadlocker? Bingo! Very simple to do!

Check the pictures:

The Yamaha R1 Engine Cover showing the smog block off plates
After removing 1 smog block off plate....

Revealing the 2 membrane valves
After taking off the membrane valves, you'll see flame arrestors

These are the two holes I am talking about. They go through the bottom. Tap these with thread and....

and screw in two screws. Use threadlocker.

Here's another view. You can also use (better) headless screw with an internal allen wrench cavity 

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