Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Just bought 190/55/17 Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier rear tire

My rear tire on my R1 seriously needs to be replaced. The center of the tire is superbald and you can see the metal wires. It also now start to drive funny, unreliable. Anyway, I had Shinkos on there 190/50/17 same size as stock, but there was a deal on Ebay for the 190/55/17 so I went for it. I first checked around if it's a good idea to go for a larger size tire, but everyone seems to be extremely happy with the choice. I hope I wont see less acceleration, but can definetely use more grip and cornering confidence.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

R1 Clutch Slipping

Damn... I knew it was going to happen soon. Last week I was at a memorial from a fellow biker that got killed by a car. It's customary that all bikers meet somewhere and all drive around and to the place of the accident. There we all do donuts and tire burnouts. I just did a little of tire burnout and it looks like it ate some of my clutch too. Since that day, if I rev over 5000rpm it goes straight to 12000rpm without moving any faster. Tried adjusting the wheel tensioner at the clutch handle but it didn't affect. I ordered a clutch on ebay, complete with steel plates. Hopefully I can do it myself, I got the service manual.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Yamaha will now be selling race Brembo Caliper Kits

Now any Yamaha dealer will sell Brembo's race-winning products, for Yamaha YZF-R6 and YZF-R1 applications.
That's pretty cool news. Brembo is synonimous with the best brakes ever.

"Advanced research and development procedures together with experience accumulated through years of intensive research on the road and track has allowed Brembo to create application-specific products" stated Roberto Pellegrini, Brembo Performance S.p.A. - High Performance Motorbike Sales Manager. "We at Brembo are very pleased to begin this relationship and extend the availability of our product range to the Yamaha enthusiasts."

The top of the line Brembo parts being offered by the Yamaha Parts & Accessories Division, include monobloc and CNC caliper kits for front brakes, a rear CNC caliper kit, the innovative 19RCS radial master cylinder and the HPK full-floating disc kit."

Our relationship with Brembo has been outstanding," commented Bret Snider, Yamaha USA Product Planning Department Manager - Parts & Accessories Division. "Adding Brembo product to our catalog creates another great opportunity for Yamaha owners to one-stop-shop at Yamaha Dealerships for all their accessory needs."

Brembo, headquartered in Italy with plants in 14 countries, is a world leader and design innovator of high-performance braking systems. It supplies brake systems to the most prestigious brands of passenger cars and motorcycles worldwide. Brembo has also proven leadership in motorsports with its products winning more than 200 world championships.

Brembo is the owner of Brembo, Breco, Marchesini and Sabelt brands and operates through the AP Racing brand. For more information about the exciting new Brembo product for Yamaha applications please visit yamaha-motor.com

Monday, 1 February 2010

Gut Cat - Removed the catalysator from the R1

This weekend I gutted my cat from my R1. I've been wanting to do this for the longest while. I did it to mainly reduce the heat coming from under the seat. I live n an area with daily temperatures of 90F. The R1 is a hot running bike. To remove the cat I had to first take off the seat, then the tail, then you are able to remove the bolts that hold the end cans/baffles on the frame. The cat is a honeycomb in the Y Pipe. This is on a 2005 bike. The 2004 up to 2006 R1's have it located there. I knocked it in pieces with a chisel and a hammer. Put everything back. The toughest was getting the Y-pipe back on since I messed up a metal-wool liner around the inside of the pipe, so it was hard to fit. The result of all of this? Really cooler running bike, slightly more power in the mid range. Can't be more happier than this! I'll gut the baffles soon a well.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

2009 Best selling sportsbike: Yamaha’s YZF-R1

I just read a small piece on sportbike sales. In Australia, Yamaha's YZF-R1 was the top selling sportbike of the year! I can imagine, myself I want to put my hand on the revolutionary new 2009 R1 with the crossplane crankshaft.

Monday, 11 January 2010

2010 Yamaha R1/R6 Racing Parts Order Deadline Approaches

The perfect chance to hone your edge on the racetrack with Yamaha Racing Parts for the YZF-R6 and YZF-R1 is drawing nearer with the second ordering deadline for receiving these indispensible YEC kit sets to close on January 15th.

Forged through the efforts of world champions Ben Spies and Cal Crutchlow with their respective title winning teams in World Superbike and World Supersport, the high-performance engine and chassis components as well as the specialist tools are now in demand and any remaining orders must be received by the end of next week for delivery by late April. The total YEC line up consists of over 120 parts for the latest generation R1 and over 110 parts for the current R6 such as race camshafts, ECU units and wire harnesses, gears, valve springs and generators. Also available in 2010 are optimum selected sets of uniform weight production pistons and connecting rods and well balanced production crank shaft sets. As in previous years, the range includes a selection of race parts for former model year R1 and R6 machines too.

Yamaha's YEC Racing Parts are sold through the official Yamaha dealer network and are for closed-circuit use only. For further information on specifications and availability teams and riders must contact local Yamaha dealers or national distributors without delay to ensure priority on these essential tools for racing ambition and success.

The third and final ordering deadline is May 15th for delivery in August.

For more information including a downloadable leaflet please consult: www.yamaha-racingparts.com