Wednesday, 5 January 2011

water in gas tank of Yamaha R1

I am at this again, yesterday my Yamaha YZF-R1 started but it sounded like it ran on 3 cylinders. I've had this before. Again, I'm sure there is a manufacturing default on the gas tank cap. When it rains, rainwater sips in on the side, then stays around the gas tank lip, when that overflows, it goes into the gas tank itself. Some time ago, I met another R1 rider, and guess what he had the same issue. I asked him to open his gas tank cap, and yes, he also had a corroded gas tank cap.
Previously and unmounted the cap, cleaned it, sanded etc, but it doesn't help.

I threw in a red bottle of STP gas treatment, and after 2 days, the phenomena of running on 3 cylinders is gone.

Grrrrr. Not happy.