Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Oil filter change trouble on the Yamaha YZF R1

I needed to change the oil bad on my 2005 Yamaha R1 and I had this same trouble before: last time changing the oil, I replaced the oil filter as well however, I ended up putting the old original Yamaha oil filter back in instead. See, I don't have a Yamaha dealer around that stocks this stuff, so I went to Napa Autoparts and got a Napa Gold oil filter part #1365. The problem is tightening the filter. You can tighten all that you want, and the filter will still leak oil through the rubber seal.

The difference in seal with the original Yamaha oil filter and the Napa Gold one is the one from Yamaha is a round o-ring, while the seal from Napa is a wide rubber flat ring, meaning that there is more surface and the rubber seal is so hard that it almost doesn't squeeze, so you can tighten all you want (up till the oil filter wrench started sliding), and still the engine oil drips along the seal.

So, now you know: don't buy this Napa filter for your R1. I gonna have to end up buying this on ebay and wait a week. In the mean time it looks like it's leaking about 200ml a day.... So I have to keep refilling, and my bike smokes from the oil dripping on the exhaust manifold.