Thursday, 19 January 2012

The EBC brake pads weren't good after all

I replaced my rear tire, and noticed when I removed the rim from the swing arm, one brake pad fell off from the caliper. Actually, the asbestos block separated from the metal plate. That is odd. There was like 4mm asbestos left, how come this came off the plate? Not cool, now I have to order new brake pads. Maybe temporarily I can glue that pad on myself on the plate. Not sure what glue could work though.

Yamaha YZF-R1 Engine code 46 problem and fix

Earlier this month I was driving and all of a sudden pooooffff. My R1 Stopped in the middle of the road. The instrument cluster was still lighted, but it also showed the Engine code 46. The R1's starter motor also wouldn't run. I had to get towed back home. Engine fault code 46 meant there was no power going to the ignition control unit. I was hoping for an easy fix. Checked all the fuses, they were all good. I was hoping that it would be the regulator because I have one. But you can't check it if you can't start the bike.

Push come to shove. After measuring the 3 white wires of the stator (generator) it was clear there was a short.

I removed the stator/rotor assembly and it was clear that this was the culprit. All the magnets of the rotor were broken in a million pieces and slit one of the 3 white wires to the ground. It was even hard to get the rotor out, had to use a hammer.

I managed to buy a used stator/rotor for a cheap price, and place it in and it worked like a charm.

However I must warn you: When you remove the side generator engine cover, the rotor assembly comes out, but: There's a big chance that pieces of the starter clutch and dampeners will fall off and fall in the engine!!!

I had one dampener fall in the engine, and wasn't able to get it out, tried with a vacuum cleaner, it sucked all my engine oil out, but not the 1 dampener that fell in, and I wasn't feeling like to remove the entire exhaust (rusted bolts) to get the oil carter out. so you are warned.

Anyway I got it fixed. Picture will follow of the broken magnets.
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