Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Tire slime: great stuff

For a good while my tires were getting soft like every 3 days. I had to keep inflating them. With no visible marks on the tire, at first I suspected the air Venturi. But it wasn't leaking there neither. I think my tires are getting deflated from the rims, and I am suspecting it is from taking off the tires with the tire irons that carved a little into the aluminum inside the rim. I used tire slime that I found at ace hardware and I must say, it works pretty good so far.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Yamaha R1 2005 Fuel leak

For the longest while I had a fuel leak. I didn't think much of it. It just smelled a bit of fuel, and each time I stopped the bike from running and put in on the peg, some fuel would run out. I thought, ok, has to be fuel return hose or something-wrong!

Last night I was working on removing the starter again, and I said, let me figure the fuel leak out. I turned ignition on, fuel pump starts pumping, and voila, straight away I saw where the leak was: the top from the #4 fuel injector. That was weird, how did that happen? Well, the fuel rail is screwed on to the throttle body with 2 screws, the screw on the right was loose, however, after tightening it, it still sprayed fuel. I loosened the fuel rail and took #4 injector out, turned out that the top o-ring was slightly damaged, it had to be from that one screw holding the fuel rail down that was loose, vibration ate the o-ring up. Today I bought an o-ring and I am putting it in tonight. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Yamaha R1 Starter Problems - Again! Won't start when hot

For the last couple of months, the r1 isn't starting the way it supposed to. The engine would turn over like twice and it would appear that the battery is dead. Being a bit lazy and looking for the easy fix, I thought it was the solenoid. Ordered that off ebay, installed it...same issue. Then I said, it's got to be the battery...ordered the battery, installed it....., nope, that wasn't it either.

A couple of weekends ago, I took out the R1 starter again, and if you've been following my previous blog posts, you know what a pain in the ass it is. Anyway. It appeared to be the starter brushes. Since I didn't have them on hand, I used some brushes from a big disc grinder that I have and filed them off to shape. I didn't think that it would be an issue, but the copper wire on those brushed are half the thickness of the original ones. Result: the R1 starts alright, however, not when the engine is warm. Cold start, no issue, hot start, just the same like before: woo-woo-woo and dead. So, I got it half fixed... Now I am on the look out for the brush kit for the R1 on ebay, but it's like $75... I think I will still try with other brushed from an electrical supply store, just try and find thicker copper wire brushes.