Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bought Yamaha R1 Brake pads on Ebay from partsangel, they send me the wrong brake pads

Hi guys, As you can see above, I bought front and rear brake pads on Ebay from partsangel for my Yamaha R1. I did the front brake pads and made a video on how to change your Yamaha R1 brake pads. Unfortunately, after finishing the front brake pads, upon removing the rear caliper and removing the old brake pads, I matched them with the new ones I bought. Dang! they don't fit! It's so annoying when that happens, certainly when you already removed the caliper and now you have to put it back without good brake pads. i wrote them about it, wel see what they will answer.

In the mean time, enjoy my video on how to change your front brake pads on the Yamaha R1.