Friday, 23 October 2009

Yamaha YZF R1 not reaching over 10k rpm

After driving for a while I realized that someday I could not open full throttle at certain times. I said to myself, shit, what again? I did not do it all the time. I realize there are certain moment my YZF-R1 does not want to go full throttle:

- when the bike is cold and just started (normal I would say)
- when the tank is almost empty

I realized that when it does not go over 10k rpm it would mean that I need to fill up with gas. (Even when the gas light is not on). When I do fill up, I can then go all the way to 15k rpm.

Someone suggested that I have to check the fuel tank vent hose. The theory is that this vent hose is clogged and a vacuum is created in the fuel tank this in turn withholds the fuel pump from being able to suck fuel in. Interesting... I have to check that fuel vent hose.