Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Have to buy a new chain and sprocket set for the R1

There were some rainy days, and I always neglected my chain. Results are after rain, the chain gets rusty and of course, as you use the bike, it abrades and before you know it, your chain gets longer and longer...

I adjusted my rear wheel already to the maximum end, and still, my chain is now sliding over the rear wheel swing arm (ouch!) High time to buy that chain. I don't have to buy a chain/sprocket kit, but I might just as well do this when the old chain is off and while I undertake this job.

Changing the chain will give me the possibility to choose a lighter chain, and play with the gear ratios buy maybe choosing a teeth less on the front and 2 more on the back sprocket. I am riding on a Caribbean island, hitting the max speed here is not possible. I need max torque. I want to beat the juiced gixxers and hayabusas :-)

The slipping clutch is kinda interesting

You know, the clutch is slipping with full open throttle at around 6-7000 rpms, and in a way I kinda like it. It is like I am purposely clutching by hand to rev the engine higher up, but I'm not. So now, when I'm taking over cars, full throttle, slight release (to get some clutch traction) I am hitting that max torque range.

I'm just afraid that I will burn the clutch friction plates. Didn't have time yet to check the oil level.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

R1 Clutch slipping again

My Yamaha R1's clutch is slipping again. I had this before, and even after adjusting the hand levers or the lever by the gearbox, I couldn't get the clutch from slipping, I then decided to replace the clutch with a Barnes Racing Clutch for the R1.

That solved it for a while, but you know, not necessarily because of the new clutch, more so because of the new oil. I'm saying this because when I had all the clutch plates in my hand, there was visually plenty of friction material left.

About 6 months later the clutch is slipping again. I didn't take a good look at the oil again, but its weird since I changed the oil like only 3 months ago.

The clutch slips at hard acceleration around 6,500rpm. I have to let go of the throttle for a second and back full throttle.

I'll keep you posted if I figure anything out.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Fuel pump whirr

Since this week, I am getting another unusual event with the R1. Normally as soon as you turn the ignition key, you hear two distinctive 'whee - whee' sounds, which should be the high pressure fuel pump (and maybe also the low pressure fuel if there is one) because the whee sound has two different pitches. Well, I hear the first whee sound, but the second is a 'CLUNK' noise. It does not affect the operation of the bike though. Just don't know what it is.