Monday, 21 October 2013

Installed Xentec Super Slim 35W Xenon HID Kit on the Yamaha R1 - 2005

Hi guys, this weekend I finally installed the Xentec HID Xenon kit for my low beam lights on the Yamaha R1. I bough this on ebay from orangemika. Only like $32 (amazing price) I bought the 6000K temperature color.

It was pretty easy to install. At first I had to think a bit where I would mount the ballasts as there is no space really seeing it from the steering side. But then I took off the windshield, and there in the nose there is a great spot right on top of the headlights, that's where I stuck the slim ballasts with the doublesided tape that it came with. Then passed the two wires of each ballast through the mainstay center opening to the light covers.

One thing that I needed to think about was making a hole in the light covers to get the cables in to the lamp itself. The kit did not come with instructions really. So, I drilled a hole in the center of each cover, and passed the wires through. The rest is self explanatory. You have to just make sure on the black and red wire of the HID ballast that you match the right polarity on the original OEM lamp connector otherwise the ballast will not turn on. It's handy to have a multimeter with you, start the bike, and measure the voltage, if you have positive 12V or more then you know the red wire of your multimeter is the positive lead of the lamp, that's where the red wire of the ballast would go. I did it right on my left side hid lamp, but even after measuring i still put the polarity wrong on the right side, and after closing everything up, including the windscreen, noticed the ballast didn't turn on. So I had to open it again and change the wire (easy).

I noted though on this kit that the the positive terminal connector of the ballast is narrower than the negative one, but this is not so on the OEM connector of the original light. So, there is a chance that this narrower connector might wiggle a bit.

But otherwise, oh my, the bike looks mean with HID lights!

The Yamaha R1 of 2004-2006 has H7 bulb sizes. Mentioned that when you order!

Update: August 2014:
For some reason the left xenon beam does not always come on. It's not the cables, I checked. It has to be a malfunction in ins if the ballasts. Super annoying.

Update Feb 2016: Now both xenon beams come on whenever they feel like it (most of the time not), i drive now with high beams, don't feel like removing the front cover to replace them, which eventually I will have to do!
See how nice the HID Slim ballasts fit here? Nice! I stuck them on the headlights with the doublesided tape

This is how the finish looks like. I will try to fill the hole with some black silicone.
The kit should have come with a rubber grommet....

Closeup of the hole I had to drill and the wires on the cover.