Monday, 9 June 2014

Yamaha R1 2005 Fuel leak

For the longest while I had a fuel leak. I didn't think much of it. It just smelled a bit of fuel, and each time I stopped the bike from running and put in on the peg, some fuel would run out. I thought, ok, has to be fuel return hose or something-wrong!

Last night I was working on removing the starter again, and I said, let me figure the fuel leak out. I turned ignition on, fuel pump starts pumping, and voila, straight away I saw where the leak was: the top from the #4 fuel injector. That was weird, how did that happen? Well, the fuel rail is screwed on to the throttle body with 2 screws, the screw on the right was loose, however, after tightening it, it still sprayed fuel. I loosened the fuel rail and took #4 injector out, turned out that the top o-ring was slightly damaged, it had to be from that one screw holding the fuel rail down that was loose, vibration ate the o-ring up. Today I bought an o-ring and I am putting it in tonight. Fingers crossed!