Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Engine Warning Alert Light

Yesterday I noticed on the speedo that the 'check engine light' was on. I got very nervous. At first I thought the symbol resembled a gearbox. When I came home, I looked through the Yamaha Owners Manual and found it to be the check engine light. Error code 42 also shows up in the speedo. Error code 42 stands for faulty speedo sensor and/or faulty neutral switch. In my case it's the speedo sensor. I have not had the speed showing up on the speedo and knew something was wrong. I have to take out the tank and find out


  1. Engine Maintenance Tips:
    1. Change engine oil regularly is most important factor to keep the engine running
    2. Try to avoid engine overheating.
    3. Regularly examine your vehicle in order to fix any small problem before it turns into a serious damage.

  2. thats the stupidest response ever.

    The speedo sensor connector got disconnected. the good thing about this is that you are NOT showing any additional mileage on your bike. All it is is one connection

  3. I took the tank of the other day, and I am seeing 2 connectors that are not connected to anything, and I can't find the other ends....

  4. i have the same problem!!
    the worning lite is on and the speed is not showing up!!!
    wat i need to do?

  5. How do I clear error code 4 on my yamaha 2013 r1 please help