Monday, 22 August 2011

Yamaha YZF R1 won't start after resting it overnight on rear wheel stand

So, I was working on my R1 last night, and left the sportbike overnight on the rear wheel stand. This morning the bike wouldn't start. More to the point: the starter did not have the power to crank the engine. I feel that there is so much compression in the R1 engine that scarcity of oil in the usual places make the crankshaft unturnable. I think  from being on the rear wheel stand, somehow the oil got distributed front wise and somewhat leaner to the rear of the engine, since the noise is now pointed down. I tried putting the R1 on 6th gear and push it to start, but I don't know about you, each time I tried that, it proved futile, the rear wheel would always lock after releasing the throttle. After pushing the R1 back in my house, suddenly the engine turned over again and started. Wow!
Maybe it's also time to change the battery. Maybe you are not allowed to just have one wheel stand.

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