Monday, 27 June 2011

YZF-R1 Gas tank filler cap issue - water entering

I've told you about the issue I had with water entering my gas tank through the filler cap. Here are pictures of how it looks like. I took the filler cap apart, sanded and sprayed it, put it all back, greased it, but after a couple months the same issue comes back, the inside of the filler cap rusts, water comes in after heavy rain....
My Yamaha YZF-R1 gas tank filler cap is rusted. See the water on the right, inside?

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  1. When you flush the tank out prior to putting it back on the bike, use gasoline instead of diesel. Before you do this, however, shake the tank to be certain you’ve got all the ball bearings out. Failure to do so will mean you’ll end up with a blocked or clogged fuel line.