Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Shinko 009 005 Motorcycle Tire SET 120/70-17 190/50-17

I recently bought this Shinko 009 005 Motorcycle Tire SET 120/70-17 190/50-17 from a seller (pinwall_cycle_parts) on Ebay. Great price at $155.95 + $25 S&H.

I am just wondering about the tires though. A week ago I welded my own bike stand and took off the tires. Now about the Shinko's: The tires slip a lot and on a wet, jeeez, I'm like riding on ice! Maybe I have to lower the air pressure (I have the Yamaha R1 recommended pressure of 36psi front 42psi back) I think that's way too hard. Will experiment with lower air pressure and let you know how that works. Anyone else has these tires on?

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  1. yes dude lower air pressure will always give better grip as the area of contact for the tires is more on the surface of the road. More rubber better grip. Also make sure that the threading of the tires are good enough to cut the water, because if the water cuts through the tires properly it gives better chance for the tire to maintain grip, as there are very less amount of water in between rubber of the tire and the road surface