Saturday, 21 February 2009

2009 Yamaha R1 vs 2009 Honda Fireblade 1000RR

This review from MCN ( got me a little scared and got me sitting on the top of my chair. My goodness, is this Honda Fireblade which they voted as the best bike you can possibly buy on the market faster than the Yamaha R1? They had so much good stuff to say about the Honda. But after watching their review they did in France on a road from Grenoble to Nice, 200 miles, there was clearly a winner. They were talking about the grunt the Yamaha R1 has that at some points was too much grunt, they had to change a map in the bike to slow it down so to speak. The R1 can do this on the fly with the DMODE setting through the speedo console. When both bikes rode next to each other at 50mph both in 6th gear and did wide open, the R1 shot ahead like a rocket leaving the Honda eat the dust. Check out their review.

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